Parkside Christian Academy & Cross Factor Academy

Our Mission Statement

PCA/CFA seeks to accomplish its vision by creating a Christian urban school environment where Extraordinary achievement is seen as Ordinary.  That environment is achieved by our founding “X- Factors”.
Following are the X-Factors that characterize our students and the learning environment that makes them uniquely prepared to positively impact the world around them:

  1. Exalting  God in what and HOW they do what is set before them

  2. Exposure to new ideas and concepts about their world

  3. Experience using prior knowledge to understand new material

  4. Excitement about learning and completing what they start

  5. Excellence in all they do.

  6. Exploration valuing discovery and research of new concepts

  7. No Excuses not saying “I can’t”

  8. Extinguishing fear to develop academic risk takers

  9. Examination having students examine themselves and problems closely to know where they are BEFORE they start

  10. Becoming Experts able to exhibit a high degree of skill in subject content and problem solving

  11. Able to Expound what is learned to others

  12. Exchanging ideas to support and sharpen one another

  13. Exhibiting Courage to try new things

  14. Exercising what they know (practice) through missions in a way where they can grow strong

  15. Extraordinary exceeding what others might think they are capable of by God’s strength.

Where we are going !

Our vision for PCA/CFA is to be a supportive, urban, interdependent, educational community that unleashes Students, Parents and Teachers to reach their high places- Spiritually, Academically and in Service to others. 

These high places include:

  • Extraordinary achievement in all subjects, but especially in STEM based subjects, being the norm for all students.
  • A school that has exemplary Preschool to 12th grade college preparation.
  • A community where its members enjoy God, hear what He has for them to do, and feel empowered to go and do it.
  • A place where students feel and share genuine love for others.